Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stop And Frisk? Stop And Think, First

Hi, my name is Dennis. You may know me as Felonious Munk, comedian and contributor to WPIX11 5 o'clock news. I'm pretty easy to vet. "Google me, baby". I'm on TV in the largest market in this country...but apparently I look like a criminal.

Yes, I have a full, flourishing, lumberjack beard. That's what you would call it if I was a white guy from the mountains. Uncle Jessie from the Dukes of Hazard had one, too. Never would anyone ask them if they were terrorists. I also wear my Yankees cap backwards. I've worn it that way for 20+ years (much to my mother's chagrin). There's a simple reason...I have a small cranium and based on size and shape, the hat fits better. Plus it's MY hat. I also wear jeans and graphic tees (often with a zip up hoodie) on the news. Oddly enough, people question that. As if by virtue of a suit and tie, you become more qualified.

I'm fully aware of society's rules. I recognize that some believe that in a professional setting you should be clean shaven. You should wear a suit. And if you're going to wear a hat, dammit, turn it forward! Most of those same people can complete this sentence: don't judge a book by its _ _ _ _ _. Dr. King hoped for a day when the content of a man's character trumped skin color. I have no such dreams that people will one day stop judging me by what I wear.

A few years ago, I unplugged. Decided to ignore society's bogus rules on acceptability. Stopped caring what the newest shoe was. Stopped attempting to appear like I was living the American Dream. Started living MY dream. Happiness ensued! Imagine concerning myself with bettering my life, and not with what people would think, I actually became successful (inasmuch as success = happy). But I digress. My point? My character, work ethic, and visibility don't prevent me from being more likely to be stopped and frisked "randomly" by the NYPD. Because I'm not white.

The statistics show overwhelmingly, that more Black & Latino youth are a staggering majority. Before you quote the crime statistics, consider this: I'm a citizen. I'm not a criminal. I pay my share of taxes that help pay the salaries of the NYPD. Many who support the stop and frisk policy don't consider themselves to be racist. They may not be...but can they please explain to me why I SHOULDN'T feel outrage at a policy that singles me out as more likely to be a criminal than they are?

I don't have a racial chip on my shoulder. But, if I could it not be justified? Again, all things being equal (and they are) I'm more likely to be stopped and frisked than my white co-workers. The Tea Party sprang up as an answer to the rights of law abiding citizens being infringed upon. You want people to stop calling you racist? Stand up for the rights of the young non-white men in NYC. (nah...I don't believe in unicorns either). Regardless of your intellectually dishonest choice of words to justify this policy, it remains at its core, racist. It is a civil rights violation. It's a hate-crime. I worked my ass off to be happy...just to be reminded that you fear me. Guess're the real scary one. NYPD, protect and serve by the law...or accept that YOU created the distrust in the brown/black communities. But, I guess Bloomberg is too busy addressing super-sized sodas to worry about people's rights, huh? STOP IT B!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Privacy Act is Irrelevant

A lot of people are up in arms about the governments intrusions on their rights. Ok, maybe not a lot of people, but some people...who read papers and blogs and shit. The Patriot Act, the most recent NDAA, the proposed CISPA (look them up, this isn't google) have all blatantly infringed on our rights in the name of "safety". But the most sinister threat to your privacy is...your talkative ass!
you talk too much...listen to Pastor Gitmo

Yes you with your full disclosure for no reason self! Pictures posted on facebook with locations and people tagged (with or without their permission...tag me and i'll punch your face off). Tweets about everything you've done in your past. Your likes and dislikes. Who you're dating. Subtweets to your mistress. DM's soliciting sex (and including nudes). Then act shocked and amazed when those things you posted on the internet...freely...are shared with the world. They don't need a privacy act to tap our phones. Half of you don't make phone calls anyway. Tap those texts. All they need to do is wait for the person on the receiving end to get mad at you one day and start posting those screen caps.

Most of the time the people you are talking to online are complete strangers (stranger danger...i need a rape whistle for you weirdos). You know their screen name and you've seen some posted pictures...but you don't know them. And you're comfortable sharing your intimate secrets to strangers? As kids we were taught "never talk to strangers". Some of you didn't get that lesson. How many secrets do you need to see "exposed" before you realize this is a bad idea? They used to say "discretion is the better part of valor"...look up discretion. It's not about being sneaking, it's the ability to keep a secret, and not offend with speech. If you can't keep your own secrets, I know damn well you can't keep mine. Knowing that...I'm not telling you jack...jack.

Call me old fashioned. Call me sneaky. Call me Big Poppa (i love it when you call me that). But, you won't see me spending unnecessary time defending my actions to strangers. No drama my ass. You invite drama with the looseness of your lips (and STD's...think about it). Me? I'm just over here writing these hot vibrator jokes. Be easy...