Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why "Stop it B"?

For those who are familiar with the Stop it B web series, this is the companion blog. Welcome. For those who are not you live under a rock? Check them out here ...but I digress.

How did I get the idea for Stop it B? There is a video circulating on YouTube (search "Munk's advice to local rappers") that was moderately popular in the 757 area code. I was then introduced to Samuel Rogers by my friend Tara Lynn (pictures of her will be posted here soon). Sam was interested in turning the video into a series. You have to understand, Sam has shot videos for established artists and it was dope. Within two weeks I was in the studio filming "no homo" and "sink models".

With each video there is a story and I will give you the back story using this blog (until my site is complete). Follow this blog for updates on video releases, as well as my schedule...could be coming to your town soon.

F. Munk (Guerilla Esq)