Monday, September 26, 2011

Don't Believe Everything You Think?!?!

Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see. Don't believe the hype. What SHOULD we believe? If it's not our eyes or ears or even popular must be our minds, right? Unfortunately, even that is unsafe.

You ever "thought" you had met the one? That woman (or man) that you would be with for the rest of your life? I mean...not just because she was attractive. No, you could recite a list of reasons why she was your soul mate, your best friend, the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with (cue Pure Soul's "we must be in love"). So if what YOU believe is correct...where is that bitch now? I bet she surprised you. The break-up probably included the words "I never thought you would do that to me" or some variation thereof.

That's like child who never grows up enough to realize that whatever he knows is temporary. What you think today will (and should) change as your life goes on and you continue to learn. If you still believe everything you did when you were a simply wonderful your life must be (and how wonderfully simple YOU must be). Yes I thought she was the one for me...until I found out she was an alcoholic and had no desire to do anything with her life that didn't involve marijuana and night clubs. By changing my mind am I being phony? Hell no...I'm being realistic.

Speaking of real...none of us really knows what's going on. Which is why it's laughable to see people trying to convince OTHER people to think the same. Why would I trust YOUR judgement over my own? I've just given examples of how I can be wrong...what would make me think YOU can't be wrong? And yet, daily somebody loses a friend over belief. Whether religion, art, even science (keep in mind even scientists at one time thought the earth was flat) whatever you believe is possibly wrong.

Yeah I HAVE to believe SOMETHING, right? I don't. We can discuss it all. But I won't be pissed if you think differently than I do. Because it's arrogant as hell to believe that God chose me to impart all of His wisdom and not you....wait, you don't believe in God? I guess we can't be friends...
Stop it B

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

F@$% PETA, Reasonable Doubt, and other fecal matter i had on my mind...

Earlier today while debating the homeless situation with Barack Obama, Tony Blair, and other world leaders who hit me up on twitter for my opinion, I asked if animals were more important than people. All of them looked at me like I had just asked them if the WTC was brought down by a deomolition team.

No, this isn't about Mike Vick. This is about PETA self-righteous campaigning. While we have approximately 3.5 million in the United States who are homeless at any given moment...PETA is spending $29 million for research on how to save kittens and shit. No matter how you explain will not make sense to me. By the way, I'm not anti-animal, nor anti-Peta... they are a non-profit, meaning people have to donate to them for them to even have that 29 mil to spend. Until we eradicate homelessness (1.5 million of this nations homeless are children)...fuck those animals.

Reasonable Doubt was the first CD from arguably the all-around best MC in the history of hip hop. It is also what most rational people believe exists in the Troy Davis case. (read about the case here)
There are similar cases all over the country....but that's not a reason to ignore THIS case. At some point we have to stop accepting obvious miscarriages of justice to go on just because "it's not us". What if it were...would you want us to share that attitude? I guess PETA would get involved if Troy Davis were named Fluffy the Hamster, huh? Murder is criminal...even when carried out b a government organization.

By the way, big thanks to Jay Nordlinger from the National Review for coming and hanging out with me and my bum ass cameraman, Sam Rogers (he's actually really good...i just don't like him) yesterday (9/20). The interview was cool and seeing a middle-aged white guy at an all black comedy show surrounded by Black women with the thickest of buns...priceless. But you handled yourself like a pro. Thank you for letting me tell MY side of MY story.

P.S. Don't worry about whether or not the first line of this blog is get wrapped up in the wrong shit B.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Football's Back...Deal with it

Football is back!!! During the lockout, when many fans had no idea whether or not we'd have a season this year...relationships flourished. Yep...women who were non-fans anticipated having men all to themselves this fall on Sundays. They pictured Sunday mornings at church, afternoons at the museum, and evenings shared watching Basketball Wives of LA. Welp....

Look, this isn't a new phenomenon. Football Sundays (and Monday nights) have been here for my entire life. In recent years, many women have come to the realization that most men are NOT going to change their love for football, so they have come around and started watching (and liking) the game themselves. That's cool...I guess. I mean...there are very few things left that men enjoy by themselves. And yes, I agree that a woman who knows and understands sports (and looks good in a jersey) is a turn-on. But let's all acknowledge that it doesn't work the other way.

How many of you ladies want to have a discussion about the LaLa show with your significant other? Basketball Wives? Real Housewives of Whateverlocationtheyareshootingthatshowinthisseason? It's something unsettling about hearing "I don't like so and so...she thinks she's all that" in a masculine voice.

But it's deeper than TV. I blame Steve Harvey. "Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady" gave women some insight into the thought process of SOME men. It taught them "game". But it ignored the fact that we are by nature "different". As time goes on, the lines are being blurred. Women are liking what traditionally were "man things". Men are liking men...I mean...liking what women like. It's almost like there is something wrong with "thinking like a lady...and BEING a lady".

Let's say the book was called "Think like a Muslim, act like a Christian"...would a Christian take advice from a muslim? Probably not...because it's understood that fundamentally there is a different mindset...and that's fine. How about "Think like a white man, act like a black man"? No? Because it assumes that thinking like what you are is somehow not enough.

Point is back. And I'm going to watch. So you can watch with me if you want. Or you can find something else to do. Either way...don't do it because you think it'll make me feel differently about you. "I like my women friends feminine" a jersey and nothing else.