Monday, May 23, 2011

Who the hell are the Joneses?!

Ever heard the phrase "keeping up with the Joneses"? You know...buying or doing things to give the impression that you're doing as well as the next man. Nobody admits to doing it. Nah...everyone just HAPPENED to like Coogi, then Iceburg, then Red Monkeys, then True Religion...

Let's be real. Whoever Mr./Mrs. Jones is...they are not only fashionable, they are influential. How many guys have a closet full of jerseys (throwbacks, etc.) that the Joneses convinced you to buy and now this same Joneses ridicule you for wearing? I had thousands of dollars worth that I gave away just as the Jones family brain trust decided we should be more professional in our attire. Damn.

The tough thing about the elusive Jones family...they apparently have the money to change wardrobes WHENEVER. How many of us can say the same? I mean...I know EVERYONE is grinding, ballin, gettin paper, etc...but somebody has a car note that's late (got them J's though). Stop it B!

If money is the motive then the FIRST thing we need to learn is how to acquire it, then how to keep it...THEN how to spend it. Seems like we learned that equation out of order. It's not the Joneses fault. They don't advertise. I never received an email. Nope. Financial slavery (perpetual debt) is self-imposed. The inability to say NO!

Everyone wants the finer things in life. So if hood rich is what you want...keep spending it as fast as you get it. But complaining about your lack of money whilst wearing the most fashionable trends...I'm just have to participate in your own rescue.

Look, we'll never keep up with Mr./Mrs. Jones if we don't catch up to Mr. Bill (rent, water, electric). So until we get THAT handled and we're not one check away from broke...damn the Joneses. If I see them they are getting juxed.