Monday, June 20, 2011

Long Weiners and other Confused Ramblings

Everything isn't black or white. In most things there is some room for gray. But... how does Eddie Long still have a job and Anthony Weiner is sitting somewhere today reading through the want ads? Ok... Weiner is probably not starving. But, if sending ADULT women pictures of your penis is grounds for losing your job, even the allegation of touching a CHILD should be cause for leave without pay...right?

Explain how this makes sense? Make no mistake, I'm not a defender of Weiner's actions. He is in a position of authority and is definitely a very public figure. At the very least he's a dumb ass. But, there are many men reading this who have done the exact same thing. Doesn't make it any less stupid, but... Now Eddie Long? can't make me believe that if the accusation came from YOUR son that you would have a laissez-faire attitude about this. Four boys. Most underage. All accused him of some form of molestation or sodomy...and he still has a job? I live in a commonwealth state. There is no "out of court settlement". But I guess he got "lucky".

Even without a charge, HOW DID HIS CHURCH ALLOW HIM TO KEEP PREACHING?!?!? Blind faith is one thing, but who is going to stand up for the children? Should I believe that whatever he's done FOR the members of that church overrides what he did TO those young men? How does another Pastor (Creflo Dollar he of the $80 million yearly income...for the lawd!) defend this? Again...WHO IS GOING TO STAND UP FOR THE CHILDREN?

Where is our focus America? We're mortgaging our future by allowing our children to be preyed upon by "leaders". How do we hold a congressman accountable but not a pastor? How? When a child is involved a simple "stop it b" is insufficient. Eddie Long needs an ass whipping and a prison sentence. Or...I guess we can just wait until it's YOUR child...


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day is for Mothers and other assorted bullshit

Happy Father's Day to ALL of the fathers out there. Today is a day to celebrate the life that you brought into the world. Thank you for all you have done and will do to enrich the lives of your child(ren) and by extension, the lives of all around you.

Now that we've gotten the salutations and such out of the way...STFU with the baby daddy slander. He wasn't shit when you were getting your walls sprayed with his baby sauce. Taking aNOTHER day out of the year to bitch and moan about your fucked up decision to procreate with this jerkoff is just a reminder that you make horrible decisions under the influence of weed, hennessy, and lust. Sit quietly. You may (or may not) be a great mother. You had a day to celebrate that. Nobody made you share YOUR special day being reminded of the many ain't shit moms out there who left their children to be raised by "big momma" or "Aunt Karen" because she was too trifling to stop partying, on drugs, chasing new dick, etc.

Today is the day for the fathers to reflect. To think about all of the ways their life has been improved by having a child. You want to effectively convince a man to do better? Then compliment the brothers who ARE doing their job. Nothing a man hates more than knowing someone is better than him at ANYTHING. You don't believe me? Next time you are out with your man, tell him how good the guy who just walked by smells. He might not say anything but please believe son will be checking for new colognes real soon. about just "keeping it 100" and telling him he stinks? Bitch know damn well he will respond by telling you about your musty vajajay and how you weren't saying he stunk when you were riding him last night.

I'm not telling you to be fake...I'm telling you to be successful. Do you REALLY want you child's father to do better or do you just want to continue bitching and playing the victim role? It's not your fault that he ain't shit. But you CAN help him be a better father. Isn't that what it's all about? Doing what's best for the child? just want to bitch...bitch...

P.S. if you know your man is violent, don't tell him that another man smells good...fuck around and get your nose broken....just sayin'

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same...

Tupac Amaru Shakur would have been 40 today. Yes, I know some believe him to be still alive. That's a topic for another day. Today's topic deals with the "beef" revisited.

East vs West. Bad Boy vs Death Row. Biggie...vs...Pac. If you were around then you most certainly chose a side. I get it. Hip hop is in my blood. I'm an east coast guy born and bred. Yes, I rode with Big because I believed he had no personal knowledge of Pac being robbed. Pac felt otherwise. I loved Pac...but I thought he was being paranoid.  It didn't make me hate his music...or the west coast. How many people NEVER copped a Pac CD because he rode with the west coast? You missed some good music. How many cats don't know anything about Big because he was beefing with Pac? Your music collection suffered for the slight.

Pac and Big were friends. The "beef" was personal. Fans took it personal. I suppose that's human racism, sexism, religious discrimination, etc. Get it? Now here we are 15 years later...still arguing about who is the best. If we've been having the same argument for 15 years and neither your opinion nor mine has changed...mad breath and words are being wasted. If I feel like listening to Pac I will. If i feel like riding out to some B.I...I'll do that too. And I'll do both without concern for who is better. Because they both died. Unnecessarily. Whoever your favorite was...can you say that the others LIFE was of less value? Could you tell his mother that?

We won't debate foreign policy but we'll debate the greatness of dead rappers. It wasn't a west coast MC flying planes into the WTC. Diddy is responsible for gassing up a lot of performers, but he has nothing to do with high gas prices (take that take that). Today, I checked myself. I'm not debating biggie and pac...i'm enjoying them both. Consider it...or just keep riding for your homies...whom you never met...

Stop it B

Thursday, June 9, 2011

From the Mind of Nova Giovanni

This my brother and fellow comedian Nova Giovanni's work. Powerful, thought provoking and funny. Check him out!!!!

Green Monstars!!!!

Good music from my 757 homies... check them out!

Creflo Is On One...

We all know the story of Bishop Eddie "Under Armor" Long... accused by 4 young men of using his authority to gain sexual favors from them. Yes, the same Eddie Long who crusaded against gay marriage. The same Eddie Long who leads a mega church allegedly leading his parishoners to a closer relationship with God was leading his young male followers to a closer relationship with "the rod". Of course, it's all "alleged" because Eddie Long was able to avoid a courtroom by reaching a financial settlement with his accusers. (Bossip article

Let's ignore that he vowed to fight these allegations and clear his name. Let's ignore that and these pictures: 

At this point the court of public opinion is a bigger issue for the Under Armor unofficial spokesman. You were supposed to be "protecting our house" not inviting young men in to your house. But i digress...

Eddie Long has friends though. None other than Creflo Dollar himself has come out to support Ready Eddie.

There are a number of things that deserve a Stop It B in this video. One...calling the actions of a pedophile a "wreck" and saying "we've all had wrecks"... nah b. You are chastising the members of his church for not supporting him? Did you publicly chastise HIM for his behavior? To be clear Pastor Dollar Dollar Bill Y'all... it's worse to abandon a suspected pedophile who used his position to take advantage of his own followers...than it is to stand in the pulpit and preach hypocrisy? You are insulting my intelligence... and my intelligence says "check yourself before you riggidy wreck yourself".

Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but to pretend like the followers are somehow wrong... what about the followers who have young sons? It's more important for them to protect Pastor Pedophile than to protect their own child? You are smoking the most loud of loud packs sir. Here's an easy test...if it were YOUR son Pastor Profit...would you suggest he participate in Bishop Body by Jake's redemption tour? Stop It B.

I'm not interested in a religious debate. I understand the concept of forgiveness. I understand redemption. I also understand that Eddie Long settled out of court after being accused of statutory rape. That's not to be defended. You wanna help his parishoners? Get them the hell out of his reach. You saying he's still "annointed"... on who's authority did you receive that word? Cref... instead of Eddie Long asking what would Jesus do, he was asking young men "what dat mouf do"... and that's ok? Your motives are clear... you stated that he was your FRIEND. Support your friend... i get it. But at least PRETEND to care about the people you purport to "lead".... Nah... keep helping your homie get money. You just keeping it hood.... smh Stop it B!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Willie Lynch isn't Real... but...

By now, I'm sure most of you have heard of the Willie Lynch speech. I will not go into details about the speech, other than to say that it suggests that slaves be mentally pushed into viewing differences in skin tone, age, and sex as effective ways of controlling their behavior. I would like to mention that the speech is historically inaccurate and scholars/historians have shown it to be a hoax (see links at the end). much of a hoax as the speech appears to be, the reality... not so much.

Light skin vs Dark skin? check. Old vs Young? check! Men vs Women? CHECK MATE!!!! But wait...was it a white man 300 years ago who taught YOU to hate YOU? Skin color...I may have to accept that in a white dominant society the idea of being lighter may be socially more acceptable to some. I'll give you that one. But ONLY that one. Young people didn't speak to any white people to learn to hate older people. "Youth is wasted on the young" other words... in EVERY race, youngin's think they know every damn thing. (quote from George Bernard Shaw)

Now, men v women? I could do a million blogs/videos on the subject and would NEVER approach an understanding....not because of Lynch (who may have not even existed by the way), but because in EVERY society, men and women struggle to understand each other. You think white men and women understand each other? Didn't they write a book called "men are from mars" or some such? They are confused as hell too... just watch one episode of the Real World.

What's the point you ask? Own your own thoughts! Racism/Sexism/Classism exist...and bitching won't change that. Change YOUR life...At some point looking outside ourselves for sources/solutions to personal problems is a sign of immaturity. We've got to grow up...all of us. When we decide that we control our own thoughts...any plots, real or imagined, will be irrelevant. Or...we can just keep blaming the Man. Stop it B.

Willie Lynch speech

Scholars say it's a hoax