Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stop It B: The Series

Earlier today I posted a video asking for your help. As many of you may already know, I do a web series called "Stop It B" discussing everything from pop culture to politics. Samuel Rogers (who produced the original videos) and I have decided it's time to take the concept beyond the short monologue/rant format and turn it into a fully fleshed out show. (here's the video link) Stop It B

Loud and Rational!

Some of you are hesitant to donate, and I understand. I'm not interested in taking advantage of you, or lining my pockets with your money. The goal is to generate enough capital to build a basic set, add additional lighting and cameramen, and film at multiple locations including a studio. In the long run, we hope to have the show available on hulu or netflix. In order to do that, we could continue pitching ideas to the studios (and yes, I've had meetings about hosting my own show...still in the works), wait for someone to "discover" the show, OR... WE can do it ourselves, with your help.

One of my fears from the very beginning has been that someone would attempt to change what we do. I've had offers from various political groups for decent sums of money to endorse certain candidates, or help them reach a certain "demographic" with their platform. I'm not interested in pitching anyone's platform. I've never taken a party's rhetoric as my own. Plus, I want to be able to discuss things outside of the political arena, without fear of losing the support of the "network". The only way to maintain that sort of for US to do it on our own.

I don't have A LOT of daily viewers...maybe 2-3k. However, if each one of those 2-3k donated even a small amount, we could give you a show with the same quality as what you see on TV, with fewer commercials AND less bullshit. I posted my paypal on the video and I'll post it again here. If you can support, great! If not, I still appreciate you watching and supporting by telling your friends about it. Thank you for your time.

Stop It B: Needs Your Help