Friday, December 9, 2011

Suggestion Box...will remain empty

I enjoy what I do (whatever that is...) I won't call it work because the word itself conjures images of toil/struggle/sweat that are not my reality. I tell jokes. Sometimes the format is extemporaneous ranting via YouTube. Other times I hop on stage and do the most courageous thing I've ever done...stand up (crowds can be rough...and women be shopppppinnnnnnng). Still other times, I write. In all genres, I attempt to amuse and inform. Rarely one without the other, because then I wouldn't be what I am...a comedian.

Often people ask me where I stand on the issues of the day (why they ask, I've yet to find out but pays). Whether those issues be societal or political, I never mind sharing my opinion. I've written in these pages before how much I loathe the labels of Democrat/Republican/Conservative/Liberal/Centrist/Libertarian/Progressive, etc. I loathe them because they open you to hypocrisy. If I'm a conservative and believe in a liberal policy, I have two choices. I can either stick with my label and force myself to go against my own beliefs about this liberal policy, or I can be called a hypocrite (unfairly i might add) for going against my alleged conservative leanings. Fuck that. I'm a human, first. If I'm sensitive to the feelings of another human and therefore hesitate to criticize all socially liberal what?

Now I've got an interview with CNN tomorrow. Interesting. Not with Comedy Central. Not with Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert...with Don Lemon (no 'stache?). Why? Is real life so ridiculous that only a comedian can make sense of it (I guess they couldn't get Jah Rule, huh)? Are people tired of hearing the same soundbites over and over (that was rhetorical as hell B...)? Doesn't matter. I'm still a comedian. I'll be on the air. I'll answer the questions. I'll be funny. What I will NOT be, is afraid to be myself. This is where the suggestions come in. "Munk you should wear this". "Munk, make sure you show them that you're intelligent". "Munk, be careful not to let them make you look like a fool". In order...I'll wear whatever I want...I always have. Show them I'm intelligent? Is this even a concern for people? People call me an idiot everyday B. Anytime I disagree with what they think, I'm OBVIOUSLY a moron because there is no other possible explanation for me having my own thoughts...Stop It B, perhaps? And I'm definitely not concerned with anyone making me look like a fool....oh it's not impossible. But it's unimportant. I don't coon. So, if anyone takes something I say out of context, or they just don't understand...that's not my concern. Watch the videos. Read the articles. But know this...I got a lot more Frank Sinatra influenced thinking than Bernie Mac. I'll do it my way to the grave...B