Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who am I? Who are YOU?!

A celebrity is a person who is well known or famous. Often a celebrity has a certain skill that sets them apart from others. Actors, sports players, even talentless offspring of rich folks can all be considered celebrities...and that's cool. But, nothing about that skill set makes them an expert on ANYTHING other than what they are famous for doing.

So why do we blindly accept their words and actions as gospel? Cornel West, although much less famous than Paris Hilton, is definitely more of an authority of society as a whole. Do we quote Dr. West regularly? Do we even know who he is? I'm not uncomfortable with celebrities and fame. I understand that entertainment is relaxing. I get it. What I don't get is the misguided belief that somehow by virtue of being famous, you are worthy of being followed.

Many famous people are completely oblivious to their "fans" unless they have a show, book, game, etc. to promote. Get's the American way. But most of us don't have that kind of money. So trying to dress like a millionaire makes you look ridiculous. Millionaires with neck tattoos? No biggie. You with a neck tat? I hope you can find a job.

Even worse is this belief that ONLY famous people have opinions that matter. I thought the cokehead Charlie Sheen was a lesson. no? T.I.? No? Gucci? No?  How many stars have to reveal themselves as unworthy to give advice for us to understand? Talent in one arena doesn't make you an expert in ANY other arena. Kids won't listen to parents, teachers, elders...but can quote Jay Z lyrics ad nauseum and swear they are living the same life. Newsflash...dude is not on your level. Shouting out "it's the ROC" pays you $0! If your friend gives you advice you say "who are you to tell me how to live?" Your friend KNOWS you...don't you think they have a better idea of where you are in life than Jamie Foxx? Most celebrities no longer live in neighborhoods like mine. They don't experience the same daily struggles we do. Yes, they are still human and they go through struggles...but deciding between gas and food isn't one of them. Now everybody LOOKS and ACTS like someone famous...without the perks. I guess it makes patterned your life after an actor...keep acting. #stopitb

Friday, April 15, 2011

That's What You Think

Have you ever heard "he/she thinks he/she is special" or some variation of that phrase? Have you noticed the subject of that statement NEVER does or says anything to garner any attention? 

Where does that come from? "you think you're all that!" no I don't...YOU think I'm all that. I did nothing more than walk in the room. "oh because you got a new job you special?" apparently YOU think so. 

Do you hear yourself? Jealousy is your favorite color. Wear it with pride. People who achieve are generally focused on achieving. Are some of them self-absorbed jerkoffs? Of course. But when you view your former peers as "acting brand new" because they are moving on to bigger and better things...ask yourself, have they changed...or are you just a bitter bitch (regardless of gender)?

This goes to my second people change when they acquire wealth? Yes! They have to. If you were making 30k and now you're making 100k do you live in the same neighborhood? Shop in the same stores? Vacation in the same places? Maybe, but most people see money as giving them the freedom to try new things. Grow. Live. It doesn't mean they think they are better...but yes, they are different. 

You a little emotional? Good. Get off your ass and DO something about it. Instead of being the jealous asshole...become the subject. Then YOU can be "special" least that's what YOU think...#stopitb

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh, Fuck Me?

Dear Nova,

Hello Son,

First of all, interesting that you would compare my behavior to that of your father...we have much in common. In the beginning we both thought we had met the perfect woman. Your father met your mother...and I met the American people. I don't know what happened with YOUR parents...but let me tell you about THIS bitch America.

Yes I made promises. I promised to bring the troops home. I promised health care. I promised to close Guantanamo Bay. Welp....we're out of Iraq. Yes we're still in Afghanistan...but so is Bin Laden smartass. You want me to ignore that guy huh? Or did you just conveniently forget about him? Health Care? Fuck You, Nova Giovanni. Fuck you for not voting in the congressional elections, leaving me a Republican dominated congress hell bent on destroying everything I do. I'm fighting a war with no support and you're popping shit. We're lightskinned...thought we were supposed to stick together. By the way, Guantanamo bay? Yeah I tried closing that...congress blocked me. Vote next time asshole. 

Gas is high? Really? Gas was $4.50 when Bush was in the entire middle east is in chaos ( guess I'm nastrodamus and should have seen it coming) and it's my fault? Man kiss my ass Nova...kiss my ass.

Yes I'm on TV. I don't run and hide. And yes we're sending aid to Japan...we have a base there too wise guy. You DID know China is considered a world power right? Guess I should say forget about national security huh?

The American people SAID they wanted change...but what have YOU changed except your expectations. Get involved. Vote. Start a business. But stop whining like a little bitch. Help a brother the way, Michelle said fuck you.

Hope this response finds you in the best of health, and good luck in your future endeavors.

Sincerely yours,

President Barack Obama


Monday, April 4, 2011

Politics as Usual

"My President is black!". Probably the most often repeated phrase in the black community since November 2008. But what exactly does that MEAN?

Thoughts of a shift in the paradigm were everywhere entering 2009. A black president certainly must mean that African-Americans everywhere would see their quality of life improve, right? Did it? Barack Obama was expected to undue, not only 8 years of George Bush's policies, but also 400 years of physical and mental captivity.

Who the hell did y'all think dude was? He's a politician. He was then, and he is now. That's not necessarily a bad thing. But to expect him to do things for you that you weren't willing to do for self? Please get the fuck all the way up out of here!

Black people let's do ourselves ONE favor...stop saying that the mental effects of slavery and Jim Crow somehow prevent our advancement. That's nigga thinking. We are better than that. If it's been rainy for 10 days I don't need a reminder to carry an umbrella. And if I know the choices I make will effect my quality of living...I don't need a black president to remind me to pay my bills before I go to the club.

Politicians have a job to do. And if I'm a politician with an entire country to run (and a re-election to consider) why would I cater to 12% of the population while pissing off the other 88? Stop it B. Stop thinking with your heart and learn some reasoning skills.

And we're not even asking for the real shit we need. School funding, job creation? Nah cats talking about legalizing weed. Stand down moron. Educate yourself on the political system and you will realize that Obama is what every President before him has been...a politician. Spend some time learning Obama's policies instead of Jeezy's lyrics. Because, unless your Lambo is blue...that song doesn't apply to your ass anyway. Stop it B!

The Thirst is Real…(unfunny version)

Times Have changed. Reality is now relative and subject to change at a moments notice. When a man/woman can no longer be him/herself….
Forced falsehood. A horrible concept that IS the new reality. In order for you to survive you have to lie…or do you? The thirsty people have completely changed the way people think. Women are not honest with themselves and feed off attention. Dudes believe that women only care about money so they will do whatever to get it…or pretend to get it. What happened to being yourself? If you are a man working a 9 to 5…why are you pretending to be a baller? Because of the thirst. If you are a woman, and you look in the mirror and KNOW you can be better…why don’t you? Because of the thirst.

The thirst gives women a pass. Their appearance/hygiene/intellect…all irrelevant if her assets are in order. And men? “stunting is a habit” and “it ain’t tricking if you got it” are the mantras of the day. Except…you DON’T “got it”. We’re doing each other a disservice with the lowering of standards based on sex/money. You will call ANY woman gorgeous for a shot-o-twat. And ladies you will accept any treatment (including physical abuse, cheating, etc) as long as you’re getting that new bag and those red bottoms.
I call bullshit. We are a nation of people distrustful of the opposite sex. And that distrust stems from the inherent knowledge that men/women will lie to get what they want. Don’t believe me? Watch a guy try to get a woman’s number and get rejected. His response is often “bitch you ain’t all that”. If she “ain’t all that” why did you pursue her in the first place? Same goes for women…when the dude you are interested in mistreats you, you go straight to “yo broke ass”. Really? Was he broke when you met him?

Learn to be yourself (damn shame you need to LEARN that) and maybe then we can get away from all of this “men/women ain’t shit” talk. Or just keep being thirsty and wasting the world’s time…#stopitb