Monday, February 20, 2012

No More Lin Phrases, Contraception over Debt, and other stuff I feel writing.

Jeremy Lin dropping 38 in a win over LA
I will save you from having to read a list of things beginning with the "In" sound where the "in" is replaced with "Lin". In lest than 2 weeks people have managed to wear that slam out. It's a great story though. It's not just that he came from Harvard. Or that he's of Asian descent. Dude was not drafted. He was cut. He played in the D-league. He was a bum. Then he averaged 22 pts and 10 assists per game. (I'm going to ignore the 7 turnovers a game like every other analysts does because it ruins the story...but i reserve the right to remind you that i said it when they lose).'s a great story. Living in New York, he's definitely part of the daily conversation. When it all dies down though...The Knicks are currently at .500. Not Lintimidating at all. (you knew I was going to throw one out)

There are some holes in your logic
Moving...on! The past few weeks have seen an increase in the discussion about "contraception". First with the bill requiring companies to provide contraception that got America's Catholics up in arms (more on that later)....then with presidential hopeful Rick Santorum seeming to waffle on the issue. The Catholic Church is opposed...wait...let me rephrase...the BISHOPS oppose. More than half (59%) of women Catholics (57% Catholics in general) support the bill according to polls. The discussion itself leans heavily toward paternalism and patriarchy. A group predominantly of men telling women what they can and can't do with their bodies assumes that the poor, emotional, morally deprived women don't know what they're doing. That job should be left to the government and the church. If God doesn't know....then definitely our elected officials are the best people to make that decision right? (if you could see how far to the side my eyes are going, you would be amazed at my ocular dexterity)...Look, the government can't balance a budget and the church can't keep their priests from violating children. It's ok for them to step down off their moral high horse for a second and listen to the people. But...nope. THIS is the important issue of the day. Not the economy. Not the troops in Afghanistan. Not Iran's possible nuclear capabilities. Let's talk about whether or not people should be able to have sex if they're poor. Let's complain about the number of people on welfare and other government aid who just keep popping out babies. Now...let's take away their ability to choose contraception over abortion. Let's complain...but not fix. Because the REAL problem is that they are even having sex at all. (insert ocular dexterity). guys...stfu and create some jobs. If people had jobs they could buy their own condoms. Nah...that makes sense. Let's just call it all sin and rebuke them in the name of politics!

Stop it B faces! may notice me taking some time off from social networks. Nothing wrong with socializing... but a brother got shit to do. I got a chance to go back to VA last week to visit my daughter and had a great time. Now, it's time to get back to working on her future. You WILL be seeing me blogging more actively, and getting my Stop It B videos back out. Also...don't forget to tune in to PIX 11 to see me on the 5 oclock news. In the meantime, enjoy your life. You never know when your time is coming. RIP Whitney...and RIP Curtis Scooby Senior (Nashville gets love too). I'm out.

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