Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Snitches get Stitches...and Other Relationship Advice

Nothing is safe from hyperbole. Every year something is proclaimed as the greatest ever. Some tragedy is the worst in history. Someone's beard is doper than mine (the most obvious beard is THE standard for luxurious beards). See how easy it is?

But there's a subculture of bullshit that has grown from the hyperbolic age we live in. It's what's known in some parts as..."the Reach". I used to think that people had horrible critical thinking skills coupled with an inability to comprehend. I used to think that, and I still do, also. But that's too wordy. It also doesn't quite capture the phenomenon of taking a simple, straightforward statement and extrapolating all types of misery from it based on years of watching the infallible Dr. Phil. Two points a statement is just a statement...two: fuck Dr. Phil.

People be reaching everyday, b
Examples of this behavior are found everywhere. Even body language is examined ad nauseam by doctors with less credentials than Oprah's favorite unlicensed psycho...logist (and yes...Phil DOES actually have a doctorate in psychology). Then seemingly profound statements are made by the worlds least profound mother fuckers. On a personal level, every video i put out, some brilliant person inboxes me with "it's obvious you're unemployed, sitting on youtube trying to become famous". Those inbox messages get a huge WPIX...where i front of the the countries largest market. Either there's another definition for "obvious" and "unemployed"...or you're reaching, cat daddy.

The communication breakdown between men and women can also be attributed to "the Reach". When a woman says she wants to be independent, ask her to define it in HER terms. Don't just "reach" out there and say "man, these women want me to bow down. All these independent women are the reason for so many single parent homes". Mr. Fantastic couldn't reach that conclusion. Or how about men who say they prefer their privacy becoming "oh he doesn't want anyone to know about you". Hey there Stretch Armstrong, there is a difference between keeping irrelevant people out of your day to day lives and being deceitful.

But the most fertile grounds for the Reach Gawds are on social networks. Where assumptions reign and debates without evidence flourish. A woman has a picture up in a bathing suit? Attention whore. A man compliments a woman? Thirsty. You're feminist? Lesbian. A man defending feminism? Lesbian...wait.... Look, we don't know each other. I don't know your background and you know mine. Ask if you don't know. And if you ask me a leading question like "so you're trying to say..." I will ignore you with extreme prejudice. 

Stretch Armstrong ain't a hero on these here innawebs
In the age of hyperbole, everything is blown out of proportion. Especially our egos. No matter what the truth is...we KNOW better than you...about you. In a world with fewer and fewer personal relationships that extend beyond texting, tweeting, or inboxing...people are more and more confident in their ability to read people. And less and less accurate. People don't trust each other as a rule in 2012. It's sad too, because you can tear your rotator cuff with all of that reaching.  (Side note: if you know which joke was influenced by the late, great Mitch're a comedy nerd). Peace.


  1. i'm upset that i don't know the Mitch Hedberg reference. being a comedy nerd is a desirable trait