Sunday, January 22, 2012

Who's the Real Loser?!

Imagine spending your entire life focused on doing one thing. You've done that one thing so well that you are among an elite group of people who get to do that one thing for money. And the amount of money you receive for doing that one thing is far greater than what the average person makes. You are financially well off AND relatively famous. This is the life of an NFL football player.

I'm on record as saying "wtf is so special about a celebrity?" and I won't change course now. I don't feel sorry for Billy Cundiff for missing the potential game winning kick, nor for Kyle Williams after he fumbled away his teams chances at going to the Super Bowl. I'm sure it's disappointing. I bet it's depressing. But it's still a fucking game.

I saw people online threatening the players AND their families...over a game.
 Ok. Sports is about passion. People love the teams they root for. But you DO realize that fan is short for fanatic. When you hear the term religious fanatic, it's has a negative connotation. You would think that if you WERE going to be fanatic about something...God would be the right thing. But we hate religious fanatics. You know why? Because ANY type of fanaticism is overboard! Fanaticism leads to hate, violence, poor decision making (especially when deciding to wear those ugly ass leather coats with the dates for all of your favorite teams Super look like a fucking clown), and overall weird behavior. Have you ever seen 2 people argue over something so irrelevant as "what team sucks the most"?

As a passtime, sports offer some value. Watch the game. Invite your friends over. Enjoy the drama of a tight game. Then turn the TV off and go on with your life. If you can be that passionate about football and don't know the difference between NDAA and NWA, change your entire life. Are you REALLY ok with not giving a damn about who controls your life? You're fine with being a pawn...a de facto slave? that case, this blog is definitely not for you. If you believe that somehow you've shown your true loyalty to your team by being an online tough guy, I hope you don't procreate. You have very little of value to offer a child. Think. That's all I ever ask. Think. And the next time you have a bad day at work...I hope millions of people are watching and threaten your life. Douchebag.

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