Friday, August 19, 2011

Obama is Half-White Too... Stop being controlled by the MAN!

Let's do a few math problems, shall we?

1 White Critic + Obama = Racist

1 Black Critic + Obama = Sell Out

1 White Supporter + Obama = Liberal fool

1 Black Supporter + Obama = Racist

That math had me looking like young Wizard Rose in the above pic. This is the math of today and it's the rhetoric of failure. Which is interesting because it's not the Repuclican's rhetoric alone. It's not the Democratic's. No...the whole country has chosen sides. Childish. You can't comment either way about the president without being labeled. You support one policy? You're a terrorist. Disagree with another? David Duke loving racist. Politics is gang-banging in suits. It's college football. It's the Redskins vs. Dallas.

But this isn't for bragging rights. It's for YOUR rights. Just like football, EVERYBODY is an expert. And just like the experts on ESPN...the experts are usually wrong. The Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl...eventually. Obama is going to change the world!!!! eventually. In the meantime, my RIGHT as a citizen is to speak freely about whatsoever the hell I choose to discuss. If Barack were white, the math would look like this:

1 White Critic + White Obama = Republican hater

1 Black Critic + White Obama = Sell Out

1 White Supporter + White Obama = Liberal Fool

1 Black Supporter + White Obama = Liberal Fool

Until your math gets better...this entire conversation is like an argument between Cowboys/Redskins's loud and passionate, but in the end...everybody's a loser.

Stop it B

the Felonious Munk


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  1. Couldnt of said it better myself in my writing ive been tryin to help people to look past race and even party. We need to have that "what have you done for me lately" mentality cause in the end thats what its all about