Monday, June 20, 2011

Long Weiners and other Confused Ramblings

Everything isn't black or white. In most things there is some room for gray. But... how does Eddie Long still have a job and Anthony Weiner is sitting somewhere today reading through the want ads? Ok... Weiner is probably not starving. But, if sending ADULT women pictures of your penis is grounds for losing your job, even the allegation of touching a CHILD should be cause for leave without pay...right?

Explain how this makes sense? Make no mistake, I'm not a defender of Weiner's actions. He is in a position of authority and is definitely a very public figure. At the very least he's a dumb ass. But, there are many men reading this who have done the exact same thing. Doesn't make it any less stupid, but... Now Eddie Long? can't make me believe that if the accusation came from YOUR son that you would have a laissez-faire attitude about this. Four boys. Most underage. All accused him of some form of molestation or sodomy...and he still has a job? I live in a commonwealth state. There is no "out of court settlement". But I guess he got "lucky".

Even without a charge, HOW DID HIS CHURCH ALLOW HIM TO KEEP PREACHING?!?!? Blind faith is one thing, but who is going to stand up for the children? Should I believe that whatever he's done FOR the members of that church overrides what he did TO those young men? How does another Pastor (Creflo Dollar he of the $80 million yearly income...for the lawd!) defend this? Again...WHO IS GOING TO STAND UP FOR THE CHILDREN?

Where is our focus America? We're mortgaging our future by allowing our children to be preyed upon by "leaders". How do we hold a congressman accountable but not a pastor? How? When a child is involved a simple "stop it b" is insufficient. Eddie Long needs an ass whipping and a prison sentence. Or...I guess we can just wait until it's YOUR child...



  1. it seems nobody cares until it hits home directly..thats when it changes from "he repented" to "we need action"