Wednesday, September 21, 2011

F@$% PETA, Reasonable Doubt, and other fecal matter i had on my mind...

Earlier today while debating the homeless situation with Barack Obama, Tony Blair, and other world leaders who hit me up on twitter for my opinion, I asked if animals were more important than people. All of them looked at me like I had just asked them if the WTC was brought down by a deomolition team.

No, this isn't about Mike Vick. This is about PETA self-righteous campaigning. While we have approximately 3.5 million in the United States who are homeless at any given moment...PETA is spending $29 million for research on how to save kittens and shit. No matter how you explain will not make sense to me. By the way, I'm not anti-animal, nor anti-Peta... they are a non-profit, meaning people have to donate to them for them to even have that 29 mil to spend. Until we eradicate homelessness (1.5 million of this nations homeless are children)...fuck those animals.

Reasonable Doubt was the first CD from arguably the all-around best MC in the history of hip hop. It is also what most rational people believe exists in the Troy Davis case. (read about the case here)
There are similar cases all over the country....but that's not a reason to ignore THIS case. At some point we have to stop accepting obvious miscarriages of justice to go on just because "it's not us". What if it were...would you want us to share that attitude? I guess PETA would get involved if Troy Davis were named Fluffy the Hamster, huh? Murder is criminal...even when carried out b a government organization.

By the way, big thanks to Jay Nordlinger from the National Review for coming and hanging out with me and my bum ass cameraman, Sam Rogers (he's actually really good...i just don't like him) yesterday (9/20). The interview was cool and seeing a middle-aged white guy at an all black comedy show surrounded by Black women with the thickest of buns...priceless. But you handled yourself like a pro. Thank you for letting me tell MY side of MY story.

P.S. Don't worry about whether or not the first line of this blog is get wrapped up in the wrong shit B.

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