Monday, September 5, 2011

Football's Back...Deal with it

Football is back!!! During the lockout, when many fans had no idea whether or not we'd have a season this year...relationships flourished. Yep...women who were non-fans anticipated having men all to themselves this fall on Sundays. They pictured Sunday mornings at church, afternoons at the museum, and evenings shared watching Basketball Wives of LA. Welp....

Look, this isn't a new phenomenon. Football Sundays (and Monday nights) have been here for my entire life. In recent years, many women have come to the realization that most men are NOT going to change their love for football, so they have come around and started watching (and liking) the game themselves. That's cool...I guess. I mean...there are very few things left that men enjoy by themselves. And yes, I agree that a woman who knows and understands sports (and looks good in a jersey) is a turn-on. But let's all acknowledge that it doesn't work the other way.

How many of you ladies want to have a discussion about the LaLa show with your significant other? Basketball Wives? Real Housewives of Whateverlocationtheyareshootingthatshowinthisseason? It's something unsettling about hearing "I don't like so and so...she thinks she's all that" in a masculine voice.

But it's deeper than TV. I blame Steve Harvey. "Think Like a Man, Act Like a Lady" gave women some insight into the thought process of SOME men. It taught them "game". But it ignored the fact that we are by nature "different". As time goes on, the lines are being blurred. Women are liking what traditionally were "man things". Men are liking men...I mean...liking what women like. It's almost like there is something wrong with "thinking like a lady...and BEING a lady".

Let's say the book was called "Think like a Muslim, act like a Christian"...would a Christian take advice from a muslim? Probably not...because it's understood that fundamentally there is a different mindset...and that's fine. How about "Think like a white man, act like a black man"? No? Because it assumes that thinking like what you are is somehow not enough.

Point is back. And I'm going to watch. So you can watch with me if you want. Or you can find something else to do. Either way...don't do it because you think it'll make me feel differently about you. "I like my women friends feminine" a jersey and nothing else.

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