Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday!!!! and it's ALL Jesus' fault!

It's Easter Sunday. For those who celebrate Easter, I hope you had a wonderful day. For those who don't...I hope you had a wonderful day. Pretty simple concept. Whatever you do...enjoy it.

Is it this?...............................Or this? (does it matter?)
Of course, this day like all other Christian holidays, was filled with the type of intolerance that leads to...hatred. "Do you know the history of Easter?"..."You must be an idiot if you think rabbits lay chocolate eggs"..."Jesus doesn't care about your dress" Tolerance doesn't mean agreement. It's always a mistake to assume that people that don't live the way you live must not know what you know. "If you knew better, you'd do better"...wrong. Just because some bullshit rhymes doesn't make it accurate. We all know the speed limit, yet most people still speed. It's not a lack of knowledge. In life, people make choices. People make decisions. A LOT of things people do, are not things I would do. doesn't change my life. Jokes are jokes. But disrespecting another person's beliefs is not only unnecessary, but also demeans YOU. If your way of life is superior, then it should improve you as a person, no? If their faith doesn't infringe on YOURS...why bother? You create animosity over something as trivial as what they did with their Sunday.

How would Abraham feel about how his kids are acting?

Doesn't really matter. People aren't interested in working together. Fuck getting along. Let's keep this segregated thinking going. If you were born in a Muslim nation...distrust all other religions. I can see how that has helped over the centuries. Christians/Jews...continue your fear campaign against Muslims...that's really kept the entire world safe! Atheists/Agnostics...don't ever let an opportunity to denounce organized religion. This is what we were created to do...FIGHT!!! This is what Christians believe Jesus rose again for! wait...

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