Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brain Dump Volume 4

Politicians can face the camera...they're scared of the nation

This is the real "Face the Nation" program. Except nobody will be pretending to be irate. I won't have on a suit. There will be no "hot topics". I'm a political thug.

I'm hosting this program...the sweater vest says "I mean business"
This is how normal people really discuss politics. No commercial breaks. (but u can cop that stop it B gear by clicking this link) No talking points. (I really have no idea what these blogs will look like until they're done) Just honest talk. The problem with government is simple...nobody likes to be told what to do.(I'm talking about the basic idea of government. The problem with our government is that people are bought) Ok...that's too general. MOST people don't like to be told what to do. That's why we prefer systems of government that make us feel like we're in control. (it's like real feel like you own it...but u can't REALLY do whatever you want with it...and you better pay those taxes) Consider the United States. We believe our government to be "of the people, by the people, and for the people". Well...yeah it's "of"...kinda. I mean, the people are citizens (except Obama apparently...Dumas). But are they truly "of" the people? How many Lawyers are in government by percentage? And what percentage of the general population are lawyers? "Well many lawyers study political science which makes them better suited to..." stfu. Many Republicans love Reagan...what law school did he graduate from? Dude made movies with monkeys, and, love him or hate him he was one of the most effective Presidents in the last 40 years., it's not exactly "of" the's "of" the lawyers. Is it "by" the people? Yes...if by the people means people who lived 250 years ago when our society was based on land ownership, slavery, and manifest destiny. Keeping in mind that the constitution was written during a time when only white males had rights...and keeping in mind that there are more people in this country who are NOT white males...the answer is clearly, no. It was not written by anyone who looked like me, nor any woman, latino, asian, indian, mormon, muslim, was not written by people who represent the current majority. And "for"? Do I really need to discuss why the government is not "for" people?

Fuck your constitution, B...I'm serious...
So if we don't believe our government is "of, by, and for"...and it isn't...why do we accept it? Because we don't know how to change it. We've been told forever that our way of government is the best. And based on how fast America has grown, that's a solid argument to make. However, as with most things, when something is the best, the competition studies it, makes adjustments and eventually takes over...if the leader remains stagnant. This is my primary argument against the "return to values" call made by some on the right. Not that I don't think people should have values, but if we're not evolving into something that is viable in relation to the rest of the world, we're devolving. Pick. Dammit...digressing again. Anyway, we don't know how to change it. We can feel that it's not working. Common sense tells us we're uncomfortable. Prices are rising faster than wages. Joblessness has increased. There are friction between nearly every individual group in this country. is a melting pot? Nah...more like a potluck at work where everyone is scared to eat what they didn't bring. I mean...Ned in accounting doesn't look like he's got good hygiene...I'm not eating that casserole. So...ignore those who say complaining about capitalism means you're a socialist. If I complain about my job it doesn't mean I want a new means I want things to be better at my current job. Complaining is my way of identifying the problem. Once it's identified, I take steps to improve the situation. If the problem is me, I fix me. If the problem is the way things are done, I approach the appropriate person with an action plan on how to make it better. If the problem is someone else, I tell them the shut the hell up and mind their business. Brain Dump bottom line: the writers of the constitution had as a goal "to form a more perfect union". Since that union has grown, we should be constantly trying to improve on that formation. Fear is for the suckers. Don't be a sucker.

Is this the best and the brightest????
Mitt or Rick? Ron? How did Newt get here...these are all questions people are asking if they are following the Republican primaries. I have no answers. None of the candidates is flawless. It boils down to what YOU make a priority. Mitt is stable and in the middle. Although he occasionally panders to the conservative right....Stop it B. We know he's not a conservative. His voting record is closer to Obama's than anyone else's. Voting for him as a right wing conservative is like saying "Obama isn't that bad, I just prefer Mormon's over Muslims"...not that there's anything wrong with that. Rick...conservative...definitely. But he will polarize during the general election. His views on racial profiling, abortion, gay marriage, etc. will win him votes among the conservatives, but what about the independents (you know...the people who actually decide most elections...)? Ron Paul may be the most sincere candidate we've had in years. There is almost no need to ask him a question. You know what his answer will be..political correctness be damned! But...many people OFF the internet think he's batshit crazy. As an aside...ANYone who desires the pressure of the presidency is batshit crazy to me so Dr. Paul is just like them. Dammit...digression is my weakness. Anyway, since nobody can explain Newt's existence (or the fact that he attracts and cheats on women while looking like a mini version of Jabba the Hut) I won't even discuss him...further. Brain Dump bottom line: depending on who you listen to, either Obama is in big trouble, or the Republicans have no chance. Listen to for what YOU believe in. Parties are for people who didn't have enough friends as children.

I don't feel like blogging anymore today. So I won't. Buy your tickets to my March 30 show in Va....or lose your right to vote. Buy tickets for Bodacious and Felonious Munk at Ella Fitzgerald Theater


  1. Monk, you always ask the questions that make someone from both sides of the aisle uncomfortable, but you are honest and have good ones. How can we change things to make them better without changing who we fundamentally are as a nation? We are a nation of many different nationalities and backgrounds. I think that "we the people" have not changed since the beginning. We are all individuals longing to live free of impediments on our lives and searching for the proper roll of government in our lives since we have grown to this huge country. We have a choice to make in a few months and it is very important. My advice is for every citizen to educate themselves on the issues and candidates. That means use a variety of sources. We were meant to be an educated electorate. It is our priviledge and right as a citizen.

  2. Jababa the Hut would be offended at being compared to Newt. As long as folks who are stuck in the past try to decide on our future, this country is in trouble.