Monday, April 4, 2011

Politics as Usual

"My President is black!". Probably the most often repeated phrase in the black community since November 2008. But what exactly does that MEAN?

Thoughts of a shift in the paradigm were everywhere entering 2009. A black president certainly must mean that African-Americans everywhere would see their quality of life improve, right? Did it? Barack Obama was expected to undue, not only 8 years of George Bush's policies, but also 400 years of physical and mental captivity.

Who the hell did y'all think dude was? He's a politician. He was then, and he is now. That's not necessarily a bad thing. But to expect him to do things for you that you weren't willing to do for self? Please get the fuck all the way up out of here!

Black people let's do ourselves ONE favor...stop saying that the mental effects of slavery and Jim Crow somehow prevent our advancement. That's nigga thinking. We are better than that. If it's been rainy for 10 days I don't need a reminder to carry an umbrella. And if I know the choices I make will effect my quality of living...I don't need a black president to remind me to pay my bills before I go to the club.

Politicians have a job to do. And if I'm a politician with an entire country to run (and a re-election to consider) why would I cater to 12% of the population while pissing off the other 88? Stop it B. Stop thinking with your heart and learn some reasoning skills.

And we're not even asking for the real shit we need. School funding, job creation? Nah cats talking about legalizing weed. Stand down moron. Educate yourself on the political system and you will realize that Obama is what every President before him has been...a politician. Spend some time learning Obama's policies instead of Jeezy's lyrics. Because, unless your Lambo is blue...that song doesn't apply to your ass anyway. Stop it B!

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