Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh, Fuck Me?

Dear Nova,

Hello Son,

First of all, interesting that you would compare my behavior to that of your father...we have much in common. In the beginning we both thought we had met the perfect woman. Your father met your mother...and I met the American people. I don't know what happened with YOUR parents...but let me tell you about THIS bitch America.

Yes I made promises. I promised to bring the troops home. I promised health care. I promised to close Guantanamo Bay. Welp....we're out of Iraq. Yes we're still in Afghanistan...but so is Bin Laden smartass. You want me to ignore that guy huh? Or did you just conveniently forget about him? Health Care? Fuck You, Nova Giovanni. Fuck you for not voting in the congressional elections, leaving me a Republican dominated congress hell bent on destroying everything I do. I'm fighting a war with no support and you're popping shit. We're lightskinned...thought we were supposed to stick together. By the way, Guantanamo bay? Yeah I tried closing that...congress blocked me. Vote next time asshole. 

Gas is high? Really? Gas was $4.50 when Bush was in the entire middle east is in chaos ( guess I'm nastrodamus and should have seen it coming) and it's my fault? Man kiss my ass Nova...kiss my ass.

Yes I'm on TV. I don't run and hide. And yes we're sending aid to Japan...we have a base there too wise guy. You DID know China is considered a world power right? Guess I should say forget about national security huh?

The American people SAID they wanted change...but what have YOU changed except your expectations. Get involved. Vote. Start a business. But stop whining like a little bitch. Help a brother the way, Michelle said fuck you.

Hope this response finds you in the best of health, and good luck in your future endeavors.

Sincerely yours,

President Barack Obama


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