Friday, April 15, 2011

That's What You Think

Have you ever heard "he/she thinks he/she is special" or some variation of that phrase? Have you noticed the subject of that statement NEVER does or says anything to garner any attention? 

Where does that come from? "you think you're all that!" no I don't...YOU think I'm all that. I did nothing more than walk in the room. "oh because you got a new job you special?" apparently YOU think so. 

Do you hear yourself? Jealousy is your favorite color. Wear it with pride. People who achieve are generally focused on achieving. Are some of them self-absorbed jerkoffs? Of course. But when you view your former peers as "acting brand new" because they are moving on to bigger and better things...ask yourself, have they changed...or are you just a bitter bitch (regardless of gender)?

This goes to my second people change when they acquire wealth? Yes! They have to. If you were making 30k and now you're making 100k do you live in the same neighborhood? Shop in the same stores? Vacation in the same places? Maybe, but most people see money as giving them the freedom to try new things. Grow. Live. It doesn't mean they think they are better...but yes, they are different. 

You a little emotional? Good. Get off your ass and DO something about it. Instead of being the jealous asshole...become the subject. Then YOU can be "special" least that's what YOU think...#stopitb

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