Monday, April 4, 2011

The Thirst is Real…(unfunny version)

Times Have changed. Reality is now relative and subject to change at a moments notice. When a man/woman can no longer be him/herself….
Forced falsehood. A horrible concept that IS the new reality. In order for you to survive you have to lie…or do you? The thirsty people have completely changed the way people think. Women are not honest with themselves and feed off attention. Dudes believe that women only care about money so they will do whatever to get it…or pretend to get it. What happened to being yourself? If you are a man working a 9 to 5…why are you pretending to be a baller? Because of the thirst. If you are a woman, and you look in the mirror and KNOW you can be better…why don’t you? Because of the thirst.

The thirst gives women a pass. Their appearance/hygiene/intellect…all irrelevant if her assets are in order. And men? “stunting is a habit” and “it ain’t tricking if you got it” are the mantras of the day. Except…you DON’T “got it”. We’re doing each other a disservice with the lowering of standards based on sex/money. You will call ANY woman gorgeous for a shot-o-twat. And ladies you will accept any treatment (including physical abuse, cheating, etc) as long as you’re getting that new bag and those red bottoms.
I call bullshit. We are a nation of people distrustful of the opposite sex. And that distrust stems from the inherent knowledge that men/women will lie to get what they want. Don’t believe me? Watch a guy try to get a woman’s number and get rejected. His response is often “bitch you ain’t all that”. If she “ain’t all that” why did you pursue her in the first place? Same goes for women…when the dude you are interested in mistreats you, you go straight to “yo broke ass”. Really? Was he broke when you met him?

Learn to be yourself (damn shame you need to LEARN that) and maybe then we can get away from all of this “men/women ain’t shit” talk. Or just keep being thirsty and wasting the world’s time…#stopitb

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