Thursday, June 16, 2011

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same...

Tupac Amaru Shakur would have been 40 today. Yes, I know some believe him to be still alive. That's a topic for another day. Today's topic deals with the "beef" revisited.

East vs West. Bad Boy vs Death Row. Biggie...vs...Pac. If you were around then you most certainly chose a side. I get it. Hip hop is in my blood. I'm an east coast guy born and bred. Yes, I rode with Big because I believed he had no personal knowledge of Pac being robbed. Pac felt otherwise. I loved Pac...but I thought he was being paranoid.  It didn't make me hate his music...or the west coast. How many people NEVER copped a Pac CD because he rode with the west coast? You missed some good music. How many cats don't know anything about Big because he was beefing with Pac? Your music collection suffered for the slight.

Pac and Big were friends. The "beef" was personal. Fans took it personal. I suppose that's human racism, sexism, religious discrimination, etc. Get it? Now here we are 15 years later...still arguing about who is the best. If we've been having the same argument for 15 years and neither your opinion nor mine has changed...mad breath and words are being wasted. If I feel like listening to Pac I will. If i feel like riding out to some B.I...I'll do that too. And I'll do both without concern for who is better. Because they both died. Unnecessarily. Whoever your favorite was...can you say that the others LIFE was of less value? Could you tell his mother that?

We won't debate foreign policy but we'll debate the greatness of dead rappers. It wasn't a west coast MC flying planes into the WTC. Diddy is responsible for gassing up a lot of performers, but he has nothing to do with high gas prices (take that take that). Today, I checked myself. I'm not debating biggie and pac...i'm enjoying them both. Consider it...or just keep riding for your homies...whom you never met...

Stop it B

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