Thursday, June 2, 2011

Willie Lynch isn't Real... but...

By now, I'm sure most of you have heard of the Willie Lynch speech. I will not go into details about the speech, other than to say that it suggests that slaves be mentally pushed into viewing differences in skin tone, age, and sex as effective ways of controlling their behavior. I would like to mention that the speech is historically inaccurate and scholars/historians have shown it to be a hoax (see links at the end). much of a hoax as the speech appears to be, the reality... not so much.

Light skin vs Dark skin? check. Old vs Young? check! Men vs Women? CHECK MATE!!!! But wait...was it a white man 300 years ago who taught YOU to hate YOU? Skin color...I may have to accept that in a white dominant society the idea of being lighter may be socially more acceptable to some. I'll give you that one. But ONLY that one. Young people didn't speak to any white people to learn to hate older people. "Youth is wasted on the young" other words... in EVERY race, youngin's think they know every damn thing. (quote from George Bernard Shaw)

Now, men v women? I could do a million blogs/videos on the subject and would NEVER approach an understanding....not because of Lynch (who may have not even existed by the way), but because in EVERY society, men and women struggle to understand each other. You think white men and women understand each other? Didn't they write a book called "men are from mars" or some such? They are confused as hell too... just watch one episode of the Real World.

What's the point you ask? Own your own thoughts! Racism/Sexism/Classism exist...and bitching won't change that. Change YOUR life...At some point looking outside ourselves for sources/solutions to personal problems is a sign of immaturity. We've got to grow up...all of us. When we decide that we control our own thoughts...any plots, real or imagined, will be irrelevant. Or...we can just keep blaming the Man. Stop it B.

Willie Lynch speech

Scholars say it's a hoax

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