Thursday, June 9, 2011

Creflo Is On One...

We all know the story of Bishop Eddie "Under Armor" Long... accused by 4 young men of using his authority to gain sexual favors from them. Yes, the same Eddie Long who crusaded against gay marriage. The same Eddie Long who leads a mega church allegedly leading his parishoners to a closer relationship with God was leading his young male followers to a closer relationship with "the rod". Of course, it's all "alleged" because Eddie Long was able to avoid a courtroom by reaching a financial settlement with his accusers. (Bossip article

Let's ignore that he vowed to fight these allegations and clear his name. Let's ignore that and these pictures: 

At this point the court of public opinion is a bigger issue for the Under Armor unofficial spokesman. You were supposed to be "protecting our house" not inviting young men in to your house. But i digress...

Eddie Long has friends though. None other than Creflo Dollar himself has come out to support Ready Eddie.

There are a number of things that deserve a Stop It B in this video. One...calling the actions of a pedophile a "wreck" and saying "we've all had wrecks"... nah b. You are chastising the members of his church for not supporting him? Did you publicly chastise HIM for his behavior? To be clear Pastor Dollar Dollar Bill Y'all... it's worse to abandon a suspected pedophile who used his position to take advantage of his own followers...than it is to stand in the pulpit and preach hypocrisy? You are insulting my intelligence... and my intelligence says "check yourself before you riggidy wreck yourself".

Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but to pretend like the followers are somehow wrong... what about the followers who have young sons? It's more important for them to protect Pastor Pedophile than to protect their own child? You are smoking the most loud of loud packs sir. Here's an easy test...if it were YOUR son Pastor Profit...would you suggest he participate in Bishop Body by Jake's redemption tour? Stop It B.

I'm not interested in a religious debate. I understand the concept of forgiveness. I understand redemption. I also understand that Eddie Long settled out of court after being accused of statutory rape. That's not to be defended. You wanna help his parishoners? Get them the hell out of his reach. You saying he's still "annointed"... on who's authority did you receive that word? Cref... instead of Eddie Long asking what would Jesus do, he was asking young men "what dat mouf do"... and that's ok? Your motives are clear... you stated that he was your FRIEND. Support your friend... i get it. But at least PRETEND to care about the people you purport to "lead".... Nah... keep helping your homie get money. You just keeping it hood.... smh Stop it B!

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  1. Luv it!!! So true.....keep spreading the truth!.