Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day is for Mothers and other assorted bullshit

Happy Father's Day to ALL of the fathers out there. Today is a day to celebrate the life that you brought into the world. Thank you for all you have done and will do to enrich the lives of your child(ren) and by extension, the lives of all around you.

Now that we've gotten the salutations and such out of the way...STFU with the baby daddy slander. He wasn't shit when you were getting your walls sprayed with his baby sauce. Taking aNOTHER day out of the year to bitch and moan about your fucked up decision to procreate with this jerkoff is just a reminder that you make horrible decisions under the influence of weed, hennessy, and lust. Sit quietly. You may (or may not) be a great mother. You had a day to celebrate that. Nobody made you share YOUR special day being reminded of the many ain't shit moms out there who left their children to be raised by "big momma" or "Aunt Karen" because she was too trifling to stop partying, on drugs, chasing new dick, etc.

Today is the day for the fathers to reflect. To think about all of the ways their life has been improved by having a child. You want to effectively convince a man to do better? Then compliment the brothers who ARE doing their job. Nothing a man hates more than knowing someone is better than him at ANYTHING. You don't believe me? Next time you are out with your man, tell him how good the guy who just walked by smells. He might not say anything but please believe son will be checking for new colognes real soon. about just "keeping it 100" and telling him he stinks? Bitch know damn well he will respond by telling you about your musty vajajay and how you weren't saying he stunk when you were riding him last night.

I'm not telling you to be fake...I'm telling you to be successful. Do you REALLY want you child's father to do better or do you just want to continue bitching and playing the victim role? It's not your fault that he ain't shit. But you CAN help him be a better father. Isn't that what it's all about? Doing what's best for the child? just want to bitch...bitch...

P.S. if you know your man is violent, don't tell him that another man smells good...fuck around and get your nose broken....just sayin'

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