Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brain Dump Volume 1

I don't get to do the Stop it B videos as often as I used to. It has caused me to become something like a serial tweeter. In order to relieve myself (and your timelines) of this burden, I'll be doing a weekly brain dump in this blog. Do not expect further explanation because I'm not really good at repeating myself. I'm not gifted with the ability to say the same thing multiple times. Point is, I hate redundancy.

For those of you who caught the irony there, you will enjoy this blog. For those who didn't, your parents are disappointed. Trust me.

I'm Serious Bruh
As the week goes on I usually find multiple issues that either i find amusing, irritating, dope...or just worthy of a rant. Most days those thoughts end up on twitter (or facebook when you twitter people are being massive feminine hygiene products). From now on those thoughts will not spew forth in 140 character bursts. In fact, the first part of this brain dump will be dedicated to online strangers taking liberties with my mentions. For non twitter users, let me give you some insight. Unlike Facebook (or Myspace for those of you who still drive cars with lap belts) you don't have to "accept" someone for them to "follow" you. Anyone can follow you and the beauty is you are not obligated to follow them back. Unfortunately, they can also comment on anything you say or "mention" regardless of your interest in their opinion. Another unique feature of twitter is the "RT" or retweet which allows people to share your tweet(s) with the people who follow them but not you. Cool idea right? Well...for people like me who occasionally tweet complete thoughts that require more than 140 characters...not always. if i send 10 tweets about one subject and only 1 is RT'd you don't really get the complete understanding. This often leads to some wiseguy (not the mafia kind...the dumbass kind) jumping in my mentions explaining how much of an idiot I am. First let me make a blanket statement to those of you who respond to tweets without looking at my timeline to find context....fuck you. (too harsh? so). Now, the other side of this is...when did we start giving a portion of a fuck about what strangers think? The idea of Twitter is hilarious. "Let's follow a bunch of people we will probably never meet from all over the country and argue with them about their opinions". Now...that's not everyone's Twitter experience...but...yeah. Personally, I tweet whatever I feel like tweeting. I don't actually care about the responses. If i feel like responding i will. if i don't...i won't (kind of like how i feel about capitalizing the letter "i"). Brain Dump bottom line: If it's online it stays online. If you find yourself getting emotional about tweets you need some form of hobby that doesn't include spell cards and cloaks of invisibility. 

You probably haven't even done your taxes
Speaking of games...March Madness is here. You know, that time of year when everyone fills out a bracket even though they know damn well they've only seen maybe 3% of the games played by the teams in the tournament. Think about it...68 teams avg 32 games BEFORE the tourney. That's almost 2200 games. Just to watch 10% of those games would mean you saw 220 basketball games this season.... .... .... In other words, you're all guessing. But it's fun so...whatever. Brain Dump bottom line: Kentucky wins.

I already wrote about Kony.

Oh...I'm performing on March 30th with my mentor and fellow asshole Bo Dacious at the Downing-Gross Cultural Arts Center in Newport News Va. Tickets are available online at or you can call (757)247-8969. If you're in the area you should come. If you're not in the area the DVD will be $10. Brain Dump bottom line: if you don't come to the show NOR do you get the DVD, I hope you take a laxative and it kicks in while you're stuck in rush hour traffic in a pair of white shorts. Bitch.

Speaking of bitches (too lazy to work for the segue...sue me) Trayvon Martin's murderer is still walking around like it's ok. I decided not to include the killer's name in this blog because I don't care about making him famous. Casey Anthony didn't go to justice because of her fame. Neither did Kony. The focus should be on this 17 year old child who was murdered in cold blood. The focus should be on a police department that accepted "self-defense" as justifiable even though the kid was armed with a bag of skittles and an Arizona tea. Oh...his killer shot him. With a gun. Make THAT shit go viral. Brain Dump bottom line: a kid is dead and the killer is known. Fix that.

RIP Julius Caesar 


  1. Looking forward to this stream-of-consciousness… Cheers to you, sir.

  2. What's up Munk?! This is @Hold_Mi_Drink Im glad I came across this blog cause I knew I would enjoy every secong of reading it. I just wanna say you got great shit already! lol I love your mind, I really do. Oh and by the way I am going to put your blog site on my Tumblr site cause I know them fools will love it...if they can read instead of just posting pics all damn day lol 1 Love Va All Day!!