Saturday, March 17, 2012

Brain Dump Vol 3

Trayvon Martin's killer is still free. Action for Trayvon Video ... As time goes on and more information comes out, this case sucks increasingly. After listening to the 911 tapes that were released, it's obvious that someone was screaming, and that the screaming immediately stopped after the shots were fired. Look...I wasn't there. But the response given by the authorities just doesn't match the information that's coming out. The idea that the "stand your ground law" even applies is sketchy at best. Click here to read about the "stand your ground law" Check out Conditions of Use and if you think justice needs to be served, call (321) 480-1163 and ask the state attorney why no charges have been filed. Brain Dump bottom line: a killer walks free. a child is dead. Happy St. Patrick's Day
"They really have bumper stickers that say don't Re-Nig? I'm half white!"

Speaking of...St. Patrick's Day is a unique religious experience. It is a Catholic holiday celebrating the life of the pre-eminent Irish patron Saint Patrick. For those participating in Lent it lifts the prohibitions on certain foods and alcohol. Like in most cases, when you've been denied something and then the restriction is overdose. So of course "errbody in the club gettin tipsy" tonight. Green beer and the subsequent green vomit is a staple of the holiday. Get in touch with your Irish heritage...and remember, the Brits don't really care about race, they colonized the Irish first. Brain Dump bottom line: this is the only holiday that encourages alcoholism...go Ireland!

She didn't do her kegels
Changing direction with no transitional material (thank you George Carlin for telling me it was ok)...let's talk about prostitutes. Not the ones who KNOW they are prostitutes, but the pseudo-independent women who attach a value to their vajayjay as a way of asserting their sexual independence. Let's talk about some definitions, shall we? (the question is rhetorical...of course we's MY blog...duh) The practice or occupation of engaging in sex with someone for payment is known as prostitution. Let's look at some statements from some "independent thinking" women in 2012. "No romance without finance"...loosely translated does that not mean "no sex without payment"? How about "if your phone is cut off, you must have terrible pussy"...does that mean if your phone bill is due and you don't have the money, you should give someone some pussy and they should pay your phone bill? Look, I know times have changed. Do whatever you want to with your sex life. Just don't get mad at me for using the actual definition of the word "prostitute" when I see the behavior. Suggesting that anyone give you anything in exchange for sex is prostitution. It's illegal. You criminals. And fellas "it ain't tricking if you got it" is some more bollocks (british cuss words...respect my g..entleman). Tricking is spending money on a woman with the intention of receiving some form of sexual favor in return. If you got it...and you spend it with the intention of getting're a trick...a john...a customer. These aren't my definitions, these are the dictionary definitions. Well, not of trick...that's slang, but I digress. The issue isn't really whether or not you're a prostitute or a trick. The issue is, we don't really value relationships the way we used to. Men meet women with the intention of NOT settling down. Women meet men knowing that men have little intention of settling down, so they have decided to get something in return for their time/sex other than...wasted time and subpar sex. Women with high self esteem have taken control of this fruitless ritual and are the aformentioned "independents". Men who swear they want nothing to do with these women (which reeks of latent homosexuality by the way...not that there's anything wrong with that) go out of their way to flaunt their material possessions in order to attract the attention of these independent women. This train has no destination. Brain Dump bottom line: don't play that game if you don't want to lose...and everybody loses when you play that game. Get it?

Humble yourself! Ok...everyone will disagree with this paragraph. I will write it anyway. By definition, humble is NOT a positive word. Don't take my word for it....look it up. It means to lower yourself. Not proud or arrogant (seems positive until...)...low in rank/importance/status/quality. Now...although boastful and arrogant people are annoying, most people agree that you should take pride in a job well done. If you worked hard at something and reaped the benefits of that hard work, there is no shame in that. But humble suggests that you actively downplay your success. Let's talk about happiness for just a second. Happiness comes from within (again...this is not a special munk secret...most people agree). So if happiness comes from within, you have to think highly of yourself to be happy, no? Being humble would seem to be counter to your happiness. Our nature when we do something well is to feel good about it. We're taught to cover that feeling with the cloak of humility. Why? So we don't offend those who haven't achieved. So humility isn't to make US's to make the people who are less successful happy. Oh. To those offended by the success of others, sod off (more brit cussing...i'm nice with it, b). I'm not responsible for your happiness. If seeing me win bothers you, I suggest you stop watching. Brain Dump bottom line: Humble deeeeeeeeeeeeez....

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  1. I love it GG, keep telling it like it is... Halo

  2. Great thought on being humble. It is not to make us happy but others. Well, it keeps us from making fools of ourselves sometimes and falling down too far when we become arrogent. Man! When we are young, our parents tell us to be proud of ourselves and that they are proud of us, then other people try to beat that pride out of us as we go through life. We battle self esteem issues all along the way. Be proud, be humble. No wonder we are freakin screwed up at times. Keep it coming Monk!

  3. Happiness does come from within FM. I'm humble in the fact that I love doing what I do for a living. In my field in IT, I could command a salary of 85-90,000 a year, but I don't think I would like myself in that higher paid position with higher responsibilities of looking out for 20 other employees and ultimately, their families futures.
    I'm humble in the fact that I'm penultimately worried about myself and my family's future. I don't want to be "that" guy who, because of an assclown of a CEO or CIO who decides that I should be the one to tell some coworker that they're not pulling their weight due to budget cuts,and/or the fucked up economy that the company can't see keeping him or her on the payroll... I'll effing deliver pizzas for a living before I sell my soul.
    I've been on the tip of the sword, and I'm humble enough not to want to grip the hilt...even if the "Lady of the Lake" offers it to me. The saying, "Find something that you love to do, and then find someone to pay you for it" is my mantra
    That being said...the "Occupiers" Can more than sod off...they can toss off like the wankers they are.