Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What is your issue?

Stop Kony!...? I'm sure you've seen the campaign....(insert screeching tire sounds)....yeah...i'm not going to address it. There are several blogs, articles, etc. available about the issue. Address how YOU see fit.

Dude DOES look like he's not a nice person
But the viral video phenomenon does bring to light a few points. many of us had heard of the Invisible Children organization prior to March 7th? How many had heard of Kony? That's powerful...that in just 24 THAT many people were made aware...of ANYthing. What's next? Well...for a lot of people, nothing. A couple Retweets on twitter, a couple shares on Facebook, a sad face...thataboutit.

This isn't a piece to bash those who do little..or even those who do nothing. Just some observations. Apparently Kony has been working since 1986 to make that region miserable. In this country we don't generally pay attention to foreign issues unless it DIRECTLY affects our daily lives. Now here's where the questions come in...what does it MEAN to be impacted? Does it have to cost you money? Does someone close to you have to die? Maybe you know somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody from Uganda or the Congo...or maybe you just feel badly for the people. But...what if you don't? What if you feel no connection to the situation at all...are you now a horrible person?

Stop it B. People are going through whatever they are going through. Struggling to pay bills. Raising kids. Problems at work. A sick parent. Problems in their relationships. Don't these things require their attention? This indignant bullshit "if you had a heart you'd get involved"...nah. If you do what YOU can do you won't have time to worry about what the hell i'm doing. We make light of the so-called 1st world problems, but...a problem is a problem. if you have 99 problems, whether or not a bitch is one is have 99 problems!

Do you need to be validated to do what's right? If you want to buy a bracelet and send money to it. If you want to do more research before you make a it. If you don't want to do a damn thing but smoke on the cheebiest of it*. But just like you don't want the government in your private affairs...stay the entire fuck out of mine. You sensitive as hell to the needs of others but can't respect my space? Man...get yo new age Stokely Carmichael ass out of my face and go march on Washington. Oh...yeah #StopKony ...and #StopAllTheBullshitGovernmentsThatPropUpThesePieceOfShitWarlordsThenActAppalledLater
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  1. I agree on everything you have said on this. One thing I think though is that maybe just maybe we as a society should look at how much we give to actual causes that mean something. People will give their last dollar to Susan G Komen for the cure which do little to actually cure cancer but it's like pulling teeth to get people to give when it actually matters even if it's just $0.01.

    Yes people have jobs, bills, kids, etc but if you're a parent ask yourself, what if what Kony is doing happened in this country and somebody kicked in your door, slapped you up, raped your wife and daughter, and told your son to shoot you square in the face. To make this world better we HAVE to stop looking at ONLY our problems and start caring for the rest of the world even if we have to do a little extra to help out. I saw Kony for the first time today and even though things are tight for me right now soon as I can I intend to donate cash and promote for them.

    That is a powerful movement where people around the world united and fought for one cause a great cause and there was little to no media coverage about that?? Things need to change not only in our country but other as well. We do so little to get solutions and just want the government to do everything for us. We all live on this one planet and though what you said is true, it is also true that no giving if you can give anything is just an excuse to be lazy and not do the little extra to help out.

    Put it this way, back when Martin Luther King was alive people had jobs, kids, problems, etc, but when these people got united and fought together white, black, latino, asian, etc progress was made and a terrible chapter in our history was finally closed. If they didn't fight when they had stuff to worry about, today you wouldn't even be able to have taken that picture in your background and share your thoughts so freely. You'd probably be windexing some white mans computer screen dreaming about typing your thoughts on the keyboard. It's time to start doing more as a world wide human race. What is it going to take for that to happen, probably the aliens would have to come and start taking over Earth before we realize we have to work together and help each other out even when it hurts

  2. omg, yd you are just like the others. they could kick in my door and when they do they will find a whole in their head's. God bless America right?

    Frankly home boy just looks like a knock-off of carl weathers from predator

  3. Yep, your comments are right on target--a problem is a problem. Many of them are created by governments and then later--the big oops! Dalton Trumbo knew this (Johnny Got His Gun) and so did EL Doctorow...but, of course, that doesn't mean that we as a nation don't have to operate within our reality as it is happening.

  4. Couldn't have said it better. You know what? Didn't know anything about this until I did a little research. It is sad, but what about the other hundred Kony's in that region. I don't like the fact that I really don't give a shit about what is going on there, when we have more than our handful of problems in our own country. Did we have charities from other countries pouring in when tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, ect. affect us? FUCK NO! So screw the rest of the world, we have to take care of ourselves first before we help the world. As for Invisible Children, people gotta wake up and look at who made the film in the first place. A two bit, shady ass "charity" that lines their pockets with our money. Shit, I am gonna start my own charity. Call it HBPHB ( Help a Brotha Pay His Bills ) Then I will make a sad ass, over-sensationalized video that will make people want to give me money. Post that shit on boobtube, fakebook, and titter, and reap the benefits. Blind Sheep will always be eaten by the wolf. That's my thought on that.

  5. Thank you sir. Fortunately no one has hit me up about Kony, but if they did, I'd start hitting them up about Ron Paul. Nevertheless, great read.