Friday, March 16, 2012

Brain Dump Volume 2

Ok...i thought this would be a once a week thing. My brain doesn't give a damn what I think. I know...I used brain and think in the same sentence in a confusing way. So? Anyway, I realized that the purpose of a brain dump was to clear your mind of backed up thoughts. Apparently my brain gets full without a schedule. So...much less than a week is volume 2

Context: I'm listening to Jay Electronica's Victory Mixtape while penning this blog. It's so good that it's caused people to become disenchanted with Erykah Badu's baby daddy. Pretty much people are mad because you haven't provided us with new music. Mad selfish son. Brain Dump bottom line: Download that Action Bronson "Blue Chips" mixtape. Don't depend on one artist for good music.

This next topic was brought to light by the following tweet:

Before you go off...

Now...because I'm a firm believer in reading the entire thread before commenting, I read it. Nothing in that thread was out of order to me. Some people reading this will say "but it said they think women are their equals". True...but a further investigation of the thread will show that she didn't mean women are due the same rights as men. She meant equal as in same. "then she should have said that"...whatever. We can spend 10 minutes debating her word choice or you can move on with your life. If I understand what you're saying then why do I care how you say it? Point is...even if SHE feels like that...that's her. But she doesn't. So let's investigate the "equal vs same" issue a little further. (feel free to call Gloria Steinem right now and complain) Part of the issue with Equal rights movements is trying to define "equal". The word "same" is indeed used in more than one of the definitions of equal (yes there are multiple definitions to words, if this is news to you...your kids are at a disadvantage). But for the sake of this blog allow me to define it so you know what I'M talking about. Let's use equal to mean valued the same. For example, I can either buy a new SUV or a new coupe for 35,000. The price (value) is equal. However, they are not the same. I can't use both to carry 7 passengers comfortably. I can't drop the top on both. (well not without a lot of augmentation...see where I'm going with this). Instead of getting pissed off at those who think differently than we do, BE equal. If you're an independent woman and you feel like you and your partner should share everything equally...bills, household chores, disciplining of children, etc...make sure you find a partner who shares those beliefs and values. If you are a woman who feels like having a man handle the finances while you handle the household responsibilities works...find you a partner who shares those beliefs and values. Neither of you are helping your cause by telling the other how screwed up her thinking is. Men are the same...some men want an independent partner and some want the stay at home mom type. A preference is a preference. Brain Dump bottom line: stop trying to force other people to respect you while you're simultaneously not respecting them. It reeks of hypocrisy...and Old Spice body spray.

I've decided to trade in my normal cuss words for British cuss words. Most people who have a problem with my language are from the states. But most people from the states have no problem with words like wanker, bollocks, balderdash, etc...(which gives credence to my argument that words themselves are not's how you take them). Anyway, because people would rather listen to hogwash delivered with flowers than something beneficial and profane, I'll use a vulcan mind trick by taking my profanity cues from my mates across the pond. Brain Dump bottom line: If you don't like my language you can sod off you bloody wanker.

Soulja boy wrote a song to aid the Stop Kony efforts. I didn't care.

starting his Munk beard
Contrast that with the story of George Clooney, his father, Martin Luther King III, and many others (including Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va) being arrested in the Sudan for protesting the blocking of of food and aid as well as the poor treatment of the people in general. I will applaud their effort and simultaneously wish someone of that stature would speak up for Trayvon Martin. Seriously, I have no problem with that type of activism. Perhaps I should find a celebrity with that type of clout and persistently ask them to get involved. I can't tell people how to prioritize though. Brain Dump bottom line: There are issues all over the world. Instead of complaining about who is doing it wrong, let's spend that time on the issues WE feel are important to us.

Only 2 weeks left until the March 30th show in VA. We did a commercial ---->

ok...brain is dumped.

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